Outlook 2016 Not Receiving Emails.

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Auto setup is working but still not getting emails through outlook. Help.
hi there..

it took me a couple of hours to figure this out and I had tried everything in here. and I realized that non of these actually worked. others blame the isp....WRONG...others blame the hosting...WRONG... its purely microsofts glitch.

what u should try is this.

1. open your account settings.

2. go to data files tab and double click the email you have issues with.

3. copy paste the file directory on where your .ost file is for example this:

"C:\Users\m\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\[email protected] (1)(3).ost"

go and look for it in your hard drive. mine had 2 ost files for 1 email account.

[email protected] (1).ost


[email protected] (1)(3).ost

so I deleted the newest ost file which was the [email protected] (1)(3).ost. that way I only had the [email protected] (1).ost left in the outlook folder.

I restarted my outlook and everything started working fine.

outlook recreated a [email protected] (1)(3).ost

it started downloading all emails and synchronizing again. it took 20min to do so...but its working fine ever since.

I believe that the new updates affect the .ost files.

I hope this works for every one. cause I did see a lot of responses from other Microsoft techs that did NOT make any sense.
Hello seohawkins, Thank you for contacting us about Outlook not receiving email. I regret to hear you're having trouble. If the auto setup worked but you're still having trouble you may want to try putting in the email settings manually. Sometimes Outlook automatically configures the email settings falsely. For example, it may use smtp.domain.com (with your domain name, of course), but you would need to use mail.domain.com, or your server's secure hostname. Have you had a chance to peruse our walk-through guides for Outlook? Best, Christopher M