Boldgrid Template - Diced

  • Answered
I'm designing my first WP site using Boldgrid. The template is titled "Diced". Goofed up the home page where most of the background image is hidden. I can't figure out a fix; if I reinstall the template will I lose the content that I've already made of will just the template superstructure be replaced? Thanks!

Sorry for the problem that you're having with the BoldGrid homepage in the Diced template. You're right - if you re-load the template, then the content you've changed would be lost. However, there is a nice feature in BoldGrid that should help out called "Staging." You can basically load another site up using the Staging option and then use the SAME exact inspiration /theme. When you have it open, then you can go to the default home page and then copy the code in the TEXT tab of the editor. Then you go back to your original site, and paste in the code for page (under the TEXT tab). This should restore the page to the default settings. You could also load a BoldGrid site under a subdomain and then do the same thing, if you're already using the Staging option.

I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.

Arnel C.