Website Showing 500 error every time we tweet

  • Answered
I have a Joomla News Channel website. Link is

I am getting 500 error every time I tweet through my website article.

It was working fine till 31st December and this started happening since 1st January.

We are using VPS server for this website.

This error last for 2 - 3 minutes, Server people says that the load increases and that is the reason, but is affecting the reputation of the channel website.

Please suggest the solution on priority....

Thank you for question about your website showing a 500 error when you Tweet. Is there a particular plugin you are using to send those Tweets? Were there any significant changes made to the site before the 31st?

We'll be happy to investigate further for you, but we may need more data. If you can provide any replication steps or more details we may be able to run some tests to isolate the error.

Chistopher M