which ip to point

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Hello. i have just bought a reseller plan, in account details i see a dedicated ip address for me, and Nameserver 1: ns1.servconfig.com
Nameserver 2: ns2.servconfig.com
Nameserver 1 Ip:
Nameserver 2 Ip:

which ip address/es should i use for domains and dnses to point to server?

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Hello ataomega, Thank you for your question on where to point your domain name. Domain names point to nameservers. In this case, we have two of them: ns1.servconfig.com and ns2.servconfig.com. The IP addresses correspond to those nameservers, so they are one and the same. The IP address in the Account Details is specific to your cPanel account. As this can change depending on server configuration, you will always want to use the name servers when pointing. They keep up with any changes in IP that may occur on our servers. When pointing your domain name at your registrar, you will want to give them the two name server names as well as the corresponding IP addresses. Kindest Regards, Scott M