How to put address book from my old company email into my new one

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I am moving my email from a server at my previous employer to my account at inmotionhosting. I have exported the address book as a csv file and cleaned it in an ASCII text program. I have also successfully imported the csv file into roundcube in my inmotionhosting webmail account. But now I do not know how to proceed. I want the address book to link outlook on my laptop to my inmotionhosting email account but do see any instructions on how to do that. I have two email accounts – one at my previous employer (who has let me keep that account until I no longer need it) - and my inmotionhosting account.

Email addresses that come in through my inmotionhosting email account are still added to the address book on my old company server when I create a new address. They then reside on the old server that I want to leave. How do I proceed to get my address book onto the new server and off the old one?

The old company server is a Microsoft Exchange server and my inmotionhosting account is an IMAP/SMTP account
Hello jon8283, Thank you for your question on syncing your Outlook address book to your new server. As the old server you were using was MS Exchange, it enjoyed more features that other email servers will not. It seems the syncing of contacts is one of these features. You can find more information about this at the Outlook site question page. Kindest Regards, Scott M