How to Install Ilias or WordPress Premium Package

  • Answered
I am interested in installing lms program called ilias or premium wordpress that I want to buy from different vendor.
I am getting an error message from front website. It states, "Fatal Error: ilInitialisation::initClientIniFile called without CLIENT_ID." Can you fix this for me?

Thank you for contacting us about installing Ilias or a WordPress Premium Package. From what I found in the Ilias documentation, you should not encounter a problem installing it on your server with us.

However, if you're uncertain about whether your server configuration would be ideal for Ilias then you can always install it and let us know if you're having any problems.

With regards to your WordPress premium package we'll need some more information about what you're looking for specifically. Our servers are ideal for running WordPress, but not to be confused with the "Premium" hosting packages offered with, which is a separate offering.

Christopher M