How to resolve errors when creating the phpbb forum?

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Extensão PHP necessária não encontrada: mysqli

Extensão PHP necessária não encontrada: mbstring

when I try to create a phpbb forum, put the data and click on install, it loads up to 4% and this message

Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues with mysqli and mbstring when creating a phpbb forum. These errors mean that you need to have those extensions either installed or enabled on your account. These are installed by default on our shared servers. MySQLi is installed on VPS and Dedicted servers by default as well. You may need to install mbstring on your account if you are on either of those, however. If you have are on a shared server or have ensured they are installed on your VPS/Dedicated server, then you may simply need to enable them by editing your php.ini file. You will need to add the following to that file: These enable the extensions within your php.ini so that your code can use them. Kindest Regards, Scott M