Export/Import Extension: Missing Product Id Error

  • Answered
This question might have asked earlier also, but i found no valid solution for the error.
Now lets see steps i followed.
1. I installed the Extension.
2. I exported my current products so as i could get a sample worksheet to add my products.
3. I deleted existing Id in worksheet(because they were not in sequence and also i wanted to add new one), product titles and everything else(category, image path, discount, specials, etc)
4. i added new product Id, titles, categories(existing), image paths, discount, specials, etc.
5. As i added new product, everything i typed in a proper manner according to Downloaded Sample.
6. i saved the file and Imported in extension.
7. It gives error , 'Product Id missing in worksheet "products, specials, discounts.

Now, Why its happening?

also, if i Import the Same Downloaded Sample file (exported earlier), it works properly.

Now, i guess only few possible reason, either there is some formatting to Exported Sample , which gets distort while a user types New Products.

pls help.
Hello illusioninfotech, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your OpenCart Impoirt/Export extension. Without the ability to duplicate the issue, I did some research on the error message. I did find a thread where someone was having the same issue on the OpenCart forums. This was due to external formatting from other programs. Be sure that is also what is not happening in your case as well. Kindest Regards, Scott M