Problem changing nameserver for .pt domain.

  • Answered
Hi all,

I'm having some trouble trying to update a .pt domain nameserver to

I updated the configuration to use both the ns referred at the help pages:

But it keeps failing.

After I got in touch with the providers they told be this was generating an error:

DnsException: Error #4;The server is not autoritary for the domain;

They say that to use a .pt domain, DNS.PT demands that the server has installed and configured a primary nameserver and at least a secondary on with different IP.

Can someone give me some advice on this? I believe inmotion already has the two server. I don't understand where this errors are coming from...

Thanks in advance
Hello, Thank you for your question on nameservers and their IPs. Yes. InMotion does indeed have two different nameservers and with two IPs. These should work. They work with most other registrars. When the occasional one does pop up with issues such as the one you are describing, they seem to fix it on the registrar end. You may want to check back with them to ensure they are receiving our correct name server information. Kindest Regards, Scott M