Migrate from Microsoft Exchange In Comcast to Inmotion Email

  • Answered
Need help on moving from Comcast server to Inmotion Email for small business accessing email on PC through Outlook 16 and iPhones (assuming that I can go MAPI to IMAP?). Inmotion hosts our domain and website, but MX points to comcastbiz.net. Advice verbally was to start with forwarding email address to temporary address, but Cpanel change yesterday does not redirect. Assume because of the Comcast email address add of "comcastbiz.net" in Exchange server? If so, how do I forward? Thanks!
Hello, Sorry for the problems with migrating from your Comcast server to InMotion email. If the server was not using cPanel for the server interface, then unfortunately, there is no easy way to move all the users and emails at one time. You would need to move to recreate the users individually, and then forward the emails per account. There may be services that can do that move for you, but I am not familiar with them unfortunately. We do have an article that may provide information on transferring emails from an old host. Apologies that I can't give you a direct solution for this issue. I hope that helps lead you to a solution! If you require further assistance, please let us know! Regards, Arnel C.