SQL injection attempted from IP

  • Answered
We're having some trouble in viewing our banners served by DoubleClick for Publisher, Small Business.
We registered a SQL injection attempted from IP at 12:44:52 today.
Could you do scanned and tell us what is going on?
None of our advertisers banners are display on our websites www.foodnewslatam.com / www.lacteoslatam.com / www.bebidaslatam.com (main domain), www.packaginglatam.com, www.inocuidadlatam.com

Please help, this is urgent!
Hello Jcguiysse, We can scan your account if you contact our support department via a ticket and request that. Also I noted that is a tor exit router meaning whoever accessed your website was from the dark net or deep web which provides total anonymity which is impossible to back-trace. Best Regards, TJ Edens