Forms not working any more

  • Answered
I will be grateful if some body could help.
Forms are not working.
They worked in old hosting, and also worked, when I migrated the sites to Inmotion.

Sites are wp, with forms 7 plugins.
Don't seams to be themes, because it happens in two wp sites in which themes are not the same.
Don't seams to be plugin problem, because forms where checked, after form 7 update.
Mail addresses where checked.
Site send messages to a [email protected] (google app )
Site send messages to [email protected] forwarded to [email protected]

I find in form 7 that could be something about hosting.
Error message says : try later or contact site administrator.
Whats wrong?
Thanks in advance
Hello, Sorry to hear your forms have stopped working. One thing is for certain, something has changed. Now we just need to find out what. Try our WordPress troubleshooting guide for the most common methods. Don't make any assumptions, and perform them all (debugging, theme, and plugin tests) as ruling out what is not the problem is just as important as finding what is. Ensure you do a full test at each step. The vast majority of issues are software. Once the software issues are ruled out, if the issue persists, contact the Live Support team so they can walk you through steps to locate any account specific issues that may be the cause. Kindest Regards, Scott M