Subfolder name first on main URL

  • Answered
I would like to register a website for the publication division of my organization. It is having different independent, but related components such as online journals. I wanted to show them as a part of the main domain name, but they should appear first on the URL with a dot followed by the main domain URL. How can I do it? E.g. IIT, Madras is having many special units such as library, Alumni cell etc. While the main URL of IIT, Madras is, the units are given as, This will help in projecting those units. How can I do it? Does it require separate Domain Name Registration for this? Kindly help.
Hello shijith, Thank you for your question on subdomain naming and registration. As long as you have the main domain registered, in your case, you do not need to register anything else to create a subdomain. You can simply create it within your cPanel. You will also be able to create or alter DNS records for that subdomain (if needed) via the Advanced DNS Zone Editor. If you are not one of our customers, your host should have similar tools for you. Kindest Regards, Scott M