home page problem/no theme css loaded error

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First problem, The theme I have includes a photo slider that uses the featured photo in a post. you tell it what number it is and it includes it in the slider. I also have a calendar widget and events widgets. I updated all these things last night with new pics, dates, events etc. The changes don't show up on the home pages but do show up on any of the other pages of the website.
2nd problem: The constant error message " No Theme Css loaded" at the top left of the screen. I don't know enough about CSS to fix it. It started doing this when I changed the theme from our previous one several months ago. Otherwise everything else had been working fine. The site is www.hanfordpack400.org. The theme is Catch Evolution
Clearing the casches didnt do anything

Both issues may be caused by the same problem. I see you are using a caching plugin, have you deleted the cache from within the settings as you may be seeing old content. However for the second issue without going through your files I would not be able to tell you where that "No CSS loaded" section was unless you provided the old and new theme that you are using.

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TJ Edens