Help with Prestashop Update for Security Problem

  • Answered
I need to upgrade from Prestashop to I'm a bit confused by their instructions for upgrade, do I need to patch my current version before I upgrade, or can I just use the 1-click Upgrade Module?

Do I need to do anything about the following?
The PHP "Safe mode" option must be turned off
The PHP "allow _url_fopen" must be turned on or CURL must be installed
The PHP time limit must be either high or disabled

Thanks for your help,
Hello deigam5, Thank you for contacting us about updating PrestaShop, due to a security issue. First, I recommend performing a complete backup of your website, including site files, and database. If you installed PrestaShop with Softaculous, you can also Create a Website backup with Softaculous. Then, Upgrade PrestaShop using the 1-Click Upgrade module. Also, here is a helpful link to the official PrestaShop update documentation. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you, John-Paul