Outgoing Outlook email failure

  • Answered
My desktop PC (Dell) connection is an AT&T hotspot. We use gmail.com addresses and a work domain but I work within Outlook. Suddenly outgoing emails are bouncing back. Called Avast security people who say my Ports are blocked & I must call At&t to fix. At&t said they don't have access to Ports so can't fix it. Avast has removed/saved my gmail accounts as they tried to fix the problem. I've tried the help pages "Problems Sending Mail-Receiving is fine" and "How to Set Up your Email in Outlook 2010" but clicking on the existing gmail account. I tried POP3 and IMAP settings...so far everything has failed. I tried switching from 25 to 465. Avast said they can't fix the remainder of my issues until this Port problem is fixed.

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your Outlook. Have you tried switching port 25 to 587? 465 should work as well, but 587 is the alternate to 25. Have you tested IMAP on any other email clients such as Thunderbird or Opera?

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Arnel C