laravel 5 installation in hosted site

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How can I manually install laravel 5 in a hosted environment?
I upgraded php to version 5.6 and tried to install laravel through softaculus which fails with a message that it found php 5.5.0 and needs php ver 5.5.9. Inmotions confirmed that I have php 5.6, however they don't have a solution to my problem
Any help will be appreciated - jr
Hello jrodpardo, Thank you for your question on installing Laravel manually. Unfortunately, there is not a current workaround to install Laravel directly on the server due to the fact that Composer is required on the server to install and use Laravel. Composer has all the dependencies needed for Laravel. There is a tutorial on how to install Laravel without Composer on the web. This is a bit more involved as it requires you to first install Composer on your local machine, then Laravel, and then migrate the Laravel files over. This should also circumvent the PHP version requirement as well, since you will be migrating the installed version. This has not been tested by us as of yet. This was simply the result of a search for your issue. Feel free to try it if you like, though I do advise you to perform a backup of your account prior to doing so. Kindest Regards, Scott M