How do I make Joomala the index and move prestashop to /shop?

  • Answered
I have prestashop installed and it currently is the Index page. I want to install Joomala as the index page and then make prestashop my store. I'm not having much success in figuring out how to move my prestashop so that it comes up under mywebsite/store. When I tried to install joomala it tells me that the following pages exist cache, index.php, and modules. I don't want to overwrite anything because I need to use both Joomala and prestashop.
How do I properly adjust these files?

Hello HippieChick, Thank you for your question on making PrestaShop a subfolder and Joomla your main site. First you will want to move the PrestaShop to the subfolder. First, change the shop URL for your store and then copy the files over to the new shop folder. Be sure to test the site with the new URL after you copy and before you remove the old version as you want to make sure it works. After that, you can then install the Joomla instance to your primary domain name and begin working on it. Be sure to make a full backup of your site before you do any of this in case something goes wrong. Kindest Regards, Scott M