Inconsistent and slow speeds with concurrent FTP downloads from VPS

  • Answered
I'm performing simultaneous downloads from multiple FTP accounts on our VPS and getting very inconsistent speeds. Some accounts download at 4.7 MB/s while others get a paltry 59 KB/s. Ping comes in at 7ms and there are no apparent issues when performing a traceroute. I'm downloading from a Verizon FiOS account with plenty of bandwidth and we never had this issue with our previous host.

I have contacted InMotion support multiple times and keep getting a canned response, without any research being done. It looks like InMotion might be throttling the download speed for a single client IP, which is something we were assured would not occur prior to purchasing the VPS -- this is a critical need for our business.

Does anyone know what the issue is, or if our only solution is to find another host?

We would need to review your server to see if there is any software/hardware related issues to your slow FTP speeds. To do this you would need to contact our technical support team and request a server review.

Kindest Regards,
TJ Edens