How To Import Backups?

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Dear ..

I have installed my backup ( Joomla site ) to my new server with your ,and when I want to run the installation of my backup.

it is only downloading the index.php file instead of running akeeba backup process.

please advice me how to solve this problem as this site was working fine in the old server

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Restoring a full backup
I made a full back up that I downloaded to my computer. It is named backup-12.23.2012_12-32-22_jtgroc5.tar.gz

I would like to restore everything to the way it was based on my backup. The instructions say, "You cannot use a full backup to restore your site via the cPanel interface. The file must be downloaded and decompressed prior to restoration. Once the file has been decompressed, you will be able to upload and restore individual pieces of your website contained within the full backup."

How do I restore all of my information based on the backup? Do I need to delete everything already on server? What folder should I place the backup?
Why cant I restore from backup?
Every time I upload my backup file, it stores it all in tmp - and then when upload is complete it is all deleted, with nothing actually restored.

How do I fix this?
Hello, I am unable to identify your account with us with the information provided. The domain name is not pointing to us. This means I am unable to test or replicate your error. However, the most common cause for this is a bad 'addhandler' line in the .htaccess file for a php version. You can check this article and set whichever php version you need. This should take care of it for you. Kindest Regards, Scott M
Hello James72, and thank you for your question. When you need a full cPanel backup restored, you can simply upload it to your account and then let us know the location, and we can restore it for you. You'll want to be sure to specify if you need anything retained from your account before we restore the full backup, as it will replace anything currently on the account with the files from the backup. If you simply accidentally broke a file or two, and just need site files restored, you can just extract the main tar.gz backup and inside there is another archive called homedir.tar. If you extract that file, your /public_html files are stored in there, then you can just copy over the few files that you need to restore. When we restore a full cPanel backup it's everything on your account, including e-mail accounts/data and MySQL databases. So if you just need specific portions of your account restored instead of the whole thing we need to be explicitly told this. The best way to handle these types of requests is with a verified ticket. To submit one, simply e-mail ([email protected]) being sure to include either you original cPanel password, or the last 4 digits of the credit card on file to verify your account. Please let us know if you have any other questions at all. - Jacob
Hello Justice935, If you are attempting to restore a full backup, you will need to have our Tier 2 Systems team perform that for you as it needs root access to perform. You can contact our support center 24/7 to have that done. I hope this answers your question. If you have any more questions or information specific to the issue please leave a comment below so we can further assist you. Best Regards, Scott M