Displayed text when back-ordereding is allowed in Availability Setting

  • Answered
Need text message 'out of stock' to work for each product combination. 'in stock works but will not change to 'out of stock' when code determines quantity = 0. (probably in CartController)

I have set I want to specify available quantities manually
Have enabled Default: Allow orders as set in Preferences.
Preferences set to allow back ordering.

If any of the combinations within the combination box have quantity the text message will not appear. If this is possible then the customer could remove or keep this out of stock item after message appeared instructing them that this item would be on backorder. I understand that if you do not use product combinations that this is not an issue.

help would be appreciated

Any text that is viewed when an item is out of stock can be changed on the Quantities tab of the product but scrolling down and editing the field labeled Displayed text when back-ordereding is allowed. Here, you are able to set the text that will be displayed when any of your product combinations are out of stock.