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I password protected a directory with 'Password Protect Directories' and it has been working. I just tried it today and I can't access the directory with the user and password I have been using. I can't find the Password Protect Directories entry on CPanel. Has something changed? 


Chris Crossen of Lyrical Applications

John-Paul B
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Hello chris,

Thank you for contacting us regarding issues with password protected directories. I'm not aware of any server changes that would affect your website in this way. If you are using a CMS (such as WordPress) that relies on .htaccess rules, I recommend using a plugin to handle the password protection if possible. WordPress and some 3rd party plugins have the ability to add rules to the .htaccess file, this can interfere with other existing rules.

If your problems persist, you may have to review your .htaccess file manually, since the password protection is also controlled by rules there.

Thank you,