Cannot Get to FTP On New Website

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I am using the builder that comes with the website and I have been building a website for a long time, I am frustrated at the end because it will not allow me to publish, saying "The site cannot be published to the specified location.

Cannot connect to the host via FTP".

I am not very computer savvy please let me know how to upload my site. Thank you.

Hello eshirley93, In order to set and test the publishing settings you will need to perform the following steps after logging into the builder: 1) Click on 'Go To Admin Panel' located in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 2) From the next page, click on the name of the website that displays in the middle of the page. 3) From the next screen, select the 'Publishing Settings' tab. 4) You will want the host name to be either the domain name or the server name. 5) Port 21 6) Username and password the same as your cpanel username and current password. 7) Working directory public_html (if it is an addon domain, it will be public_html/addon-domain-folder-name ) 8) Website URL either or the Temp URL from your Welcome mail. This must match the host field, so if you use the domain name in the host field, it must have that here. 9) Click the "Verify Location" button in the lower left of the screen. 10) You should get a green colored message at the top if all the settings are correct. It will be red with an error message if they are not correct. Also, below is an article that has a video to complement the instructions above: Publishing your website Best Regards, Scott M