Updates/Changes to Website Showing Incorrectly on All Browsers Despite Clearing Browser History

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I manage several websites, making updates to them using Mobirise and then uploading new files to cPanel. After uploading new files into cPanel, the updates that I have made to the websites are not showing correctly. The spacing between blocks is much tighter/squished and instead of the correct colors/fonts, the background of new blocks is gray and a different font shows. Normally after clearing the website browsers, refreshing, etc. the changes/updates will show in time, and sometimes they don't for days. I see some solutions for clearing the cache when using WordPress for web design, but I do not see how I can manually clear the cache when I am uploading new designs that I created in Mobirise via cPanel. Please help!

Arnel C
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Hello Laura,

Mobirise is a software application for creating websites.  If you're having trouble with spacing, and colors/fonts, then you may need to correctly set CSS settings for the site in order properly control that formatting.  Mobirise is third-party software and may have the tools in it to fix that for you, or you may need to manually set it.  I would recommend that you speak with their technical support to find out how the application can make the changes you are seeking.

A browser cache is simply a tool used by the internet browser to save pages so that they can load quicker.  Clearing the cache will remove the saved data and re-load the page.  It will not affect how your website is formatted unless you've made changes and you're still seeing the old files still in place.  You can see how to clear your browser cache here:  How to Clear Browser Cache in Different Browsers.

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Arnel C.