Redirecting from HTTPS to HTTP

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Is there a way to have incoming HTTPS requests to be redirected to HTTP?

I am trying to host a website here that is currently hosted elsewhere. The site on the other host currently uses HTTPS /SSL. I wish to use only HTTP when I move the site over here (SSL is unnecessary for my purposes currently). If a user uses an existing link to my site using HTTPS they will get an privacy error on their browser because inmotion serves them a self-signed certificate (issued by

I have tried to use the .htaccess file with Apache to redirect, but it appears that the user is served the bad certificate before any action in the .htaccess file is able to be taken.

Is there any way to have the user's HTTPS request redirected to HTTP so they don't see any error?

Thanks for contacting us about redirecting from https to http. There is no way to bypass that https warning and redirect them because when they click on that https link their browser is trying to connect to the server as https, it will not read any .htaccess or files on your server until it gets past that point. You can, however, get free signed SSL certificates through your AMP or if you have shared hosting plan or if you are on a VPS or Dedicated server you can activate AutoSSL in your WHM to get free signed SSL certificates.

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Kyle M