The problem withGoogleMap of store location display in PrestaShop 1.6

  • Answered
I'm a Taiwan student and I'm building a Web of hair's product with my classmate,
And now we have a problem about with Google Map of store location

The last thing we did was adding the address of company, but the function behind our website "sending message" can't not show the google map at all in PrestaShop 1.6.

We had tried to update the address, latitude and longitude, check module etc., the function still didn't work.

We really don't understand this situation.

Can you provide some suggestions or methods to help us solve the problem?

Thanks for your times.
Hello, Sorry for the problem with your PrestaShop store not showing the Google Map location. This is probably a result of the update to the Google Map services. They require that you get an API key. You can see a post about it in the PrestaShop support forums here. Follow the link and the instructions to change the Storescontroller.php file. Thank you for your question about Gratefully, Arn