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I've tried all of the tricks I can find on the forums so far. It was working fine about 2 weeks ago and then it just wasn't one day. No module installs or upgrades, no changes at all that I did and other than my web hosting, I'm the only one who has access. I haven't been able to figure it out. At this point, If I can't find a fix, I might try to do a Prestashop upgrade.(not the 1-click upgrade as this has already killed my site once!) Any help before I try this though would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and during one of my attempts to fix this, I had to recover my website from a full backup. After this, the contact us page still doesn't work and now my forums page is giving a 404 error that I can't figure out.

Also, I've tried turning on debug mode for the contact us page issue and no errors are shown.

can you guys help me?  what would be the cost?


Ok, thanks anyway.

Chris M
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Thanks for submitting a question about Prestashop. Our support staff is best equipped to help with server-related troubleshooting, tasks, and configuration. Any issues that fall outside of that scope would be best handled by a developer.