Internal Server Error when setting up Multistore - Prestashop

  • Answered
I want to set up a US version of my site with Multisore in Prestashop.
However, after I've set up the URL, I can't access the new shop - I get a 500 Internal Server Error.
Plus, my main shop is bilingual, and I also get an internal server error if I try to change the language (when my second shop is enabled).

My steps:
1. Enabled Multistore in Preferences - General
2. Created a new Group in Advanced Parameters - Multistore
3. Created a new Shop
4. Set the URL, in which the Physical url is a subfolder:
Domain :
Domain SSL :
Physical URL : us/
Final url shows:

I don't see any other additional steps in the Prestashop documentation.

As a side note, if I try to set up the url as a subdomain, like, i get a Server Not Found browser message.
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding a 500 Internal Server Error in PrestaShop. Here is a link to our guide on the 500 Internal Server error. It goes over common causes and fixes, but I specifically recommend troubleshooting your .haccess file. I also recommend enabling error reporting in PrestaShop, as it may provide more detailed clues into the issue. Thank you, John-Paul