CIM Credit Card Stored on File – How to Process?

  • Answered
When customers sign up on our site, they have the option to store their credit card information for future use.
One of our customers has done this and I cannot figure out how to charge her card.
The payment information is stored in her account, with only the last four digits of the card available to me.
I have made her a payment invoice, but the card information doesn’t fill in automatically.
And I can see no way to do this.
I have looked all around the plugin, her customer profile and the invoice order and payment page and can’t figure this out.

Sorry to hear you are having issues with retrieving the card on file. I need more information in order to take a look for you. What is the plugin you are using that stores the information?

Also, you may not want to store this type of information on your databases unless you are PCI compliant for security reasons.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M