My WordPress admin slowness

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I have an issue is my wordpress admin loading slowness

1) My multisite is hosted on my dedicated server and my server only have one site are hosted on my server.

2) I've increased my site memory up to 2GB

3) I've 35 plug- in installed on my site

4) I've been tried to deactivated all my plug in and re-activated it one by one, wont work.

5) When I'm editing on my back end sometimes i got "An error occurred while establishing a database connection" and i refresh it again it will going be fine.

6) I have installed Heartbeat Control, WP Rocket,WP Super Cache - Clear all cache,WP-Memory-Usage,WP-Optimize plug-in to speed up my site.

7) My site is just new it is under construction not open for public so that is no any data and post on my site yet.

Can you help me to take a look my site what is the problem ?


Hello Cole, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your WordPress back end. The list of things you have done so far are things we would suggest to help locate the issue. One more thing you may want to try is to install another WordPress instance in a subfolder. This way it is completely separate. Check the speed of the admin area right after install. If it is still good, begin to mirror your existing site with the same theme, plugins, etc and test often to see if/when the back end becomes slow. If you install the new WordPress site and it is slow immediately, you will want to contact our Live Support so they can see if there is an issue with the communication to the database, maybe something is triggering a set of queries that are taking too long, using up back end memory, or otherwise bogging down the server. A database connection error can occur when the database is having issues or when the load on the server gets really high. The Live Support team can look at logs and then report what they find. Kindest Regards, Scott M