Settings for email using cloudflare

  • Answered
I had to use cloudflare to protect my sites that are hosted on inmotionhosting, and since then we have been plagued by email problems. Failures to connect, lost emails, etc. I assume it is because I have something incorrectly configured at one end or the other, but can't seem to find anything that addresses this. One of my sites created 3 entries on the automatic setup at cloudflare, another has at least 8 so I'm not sure which are necessary, which might be interfering with email, or what the email entries should read. Any assistance would be appreciated.
Hello tjburns, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your mail records. To connect to our servers for email you will need to have the MX record point to a specific record. Sometimes the MX record will point to the domain name, but that would lead it to CloudFlare. You want the MX record to point to (replace with your domain name). Below is a link from Cloudflare on how to do that: Cloudflare email You will also need to create a record separately as an A record on cloudlfare's side. This is so we can point that record to our servers. The A record should point to your cPanel IP address. This way, when an email comes to cloudflare, it will see that the it needs to be forwarded over to your server with us for handling. Kindest Regards, Scott M