Demo Data Import Not Working

  • Answered
I have installed wordpress on a subdomain and was able to successfully install a theme I purchased. The theme is supposed to come with demo content that can optionally be imported by the click of one button. Upon attempting the import of the demo data, the theme tells me that everything was imported successfully and the page will reload. After the reload, checking the site reveals that the demo content was in fact not imported. I contacted the developers and they said they attempted to do it using an XML file but that didn't do the trick. Ultimately, they said that it would be best if I contact the host to see what is preventing the import from taking place (they cited "permissions" as being the issue). I contacted support but the rep was also stumped as to what the problem could be as he could not see any errors at his end. He suggested that I try my luck at the Community Support section which has brought me here.

Apologies for the problem with the demo site import not working. Unfortunately, you've given little or no information on the theme you're trying to use, the URL affected, and steps to duplicate the issue. If you could please provide this information, we can look into the matter in more depth.

Apologies again that we cannot resolve import issue for you theme, but please provide more information so that we can investigate the issue further.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.