Problem with image size

  • Answered
I need your assistance in helping me find where an image size is on my website. I am asking because all of a sudden I can't get a response from the developer. All image sizes are covered in PREFERENCES>IMAGES........except one. The product image size on the CATEGORY pages is 300x300 right now. That image is not covered in images. I did an inspect element but I am not getting a clear visual of what is controlling this size. It need to be 250x250.

Help me find it, would ya.
Hello heartlandpet,

Thank you for contacting us about image sizes in your PrestaShop theme. We spent quite some time looking into this for you. There's seems to be a function coded into your theme that causes the image to move when you roll your mouse over.

Unfortunately, we were unable to determine where the product image sizes on the CATEGORY pages are coded. Let us know if the theme developer responds, so it can help other people who find this post.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

Thank you,
John-Paul B