image boxes missing from home page

  • Answered
Some how i have deleted the two image boxes next to the image slider and on the demo there is 5 image boxes above the custom block and the face book block that don't seem to be on my front office either.
Any ideas how to get these back or can I go back to the default setting with out losing all the products i have added to my store.
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your theme images. From what I can see, these are controlled by the "Theme Configurator". Here you are able to add, remove, or replace the 7 images on the home page. The two to the side of the slider are under the "Hook Top" section and the other five are under the "Hook Home" section. The "Theme Configurator" can be accessed via the Modules section. Simply locate the module in the list and then click on "Configure" from the right hand dropdown. Kindest Regards, Scott M