Unusual behavior after modifying a php file

  • Answered
In WordPress, in header.php, I have placed just before
to display a menu of my own. Works great. In this lemenu.php, after displaying my menu, I have placed: to display another line of menu if we are on page 123, which is a special page for members. Works great! BUT... for testing purpose, and because I have to change the menu lemenumembres.php, I removed the if ( is_single('123')) php block and... the second menu still displays. I have checked the files (header.php, lemenu.php) thru the WP editor, thru FTP, even thru CPANEL file manager and the block is effectively removed. But the content of lemenumembres.php still displays. I have even removed from header.php and the first menu stops displaying but... the second one still does. I do not have a cache plugin, no cache is installed on server, I have emptied browser's cache many times ans I even tried with other browsers. Still the same. Can someone tell me what I dont understand?
Hello JocelynBerube, Thanks for the question about modifying code within WordPress. Unfortunately, coding is beyond the scope of our support. You will want to speak with a developer or look in or forums for help if you intend to continue modifying the code as you have done. I would recommend that you check out WordPress Access Control. It allows you to do what you're trying to do without having to customize the code. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.