CMS database for my site

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Scottn Arnel,
I know that you are fixing the database on my site today. I want to check in with you and let you know the following:
After several terribly bad experience with overseas developers I have decided to purchase a theme from Template Monster. They have US developer and US support.

They say that they are your partner.

I want to upload a new theme today. Are we ready?


Hello Bruce,

Apologies for the continued issues with the PrestaShop database and template issues. The problem that we have is that need a solid install that we can upgrade. Scott was having issues with the backup that he had access to. Can you let us know if you have any backups of either the pre-1.6 installation or the latest 1.5 installation for your site? The backup that I made the other day was of or you installation (files and database), which unfortunately doesn't help.

If you do have a copy of either, please upload them to your server files and we'll do the restoration. The easiest way to fix the current database issues is to make sure that the files have been updated properly, because there definitely mismatches from when we attempted to simply use the initial 1.6 version database of your site with the latest installation of PrestaShop.

Or, if you really want to make it easy, we just need to start with a fresh installation of 1.6 (version .0.14 is the latest), then you would simply have to re-import the products into the new store. Please let us know how you want to proceed and we can get it done.