What happened to Prestashop v1.5?

  • Answered
I have found a Prestashop theme I really want to use, but it apparently only works in v1.5. I installed v1.6, but the theme says "bad configuration file"when I try to load it. So, I thought I'd uninstall v1.6 and install v1.5, but cpanel says I can only choose between v1.4 and v1.6. ??? There's videos all over your website about how to install and administer v1.5. So, where'd it go?
Hello indnajns, I can help you with your PrestaShop 1.5 download. It does seem odd that they would remove 1.5 and not 1.4 from the installer. You can still use 1.5 but will need to and then install it manually. Kindest Regards, Scott M