Problems getting Email at my Inbox of Webmail

  • Answered
My Email ID is at webmail of SquireMail.
But I am not any mails from any rediffmail or yahoo mail or gmail at my inbox except getting mails only webmail (Only from my company's mail id)
Please help me asap. What should I do to get mails from every mail at my inbox of my webmail ?
Hello, Sorry for the problems or confusion with webmail. Webmail for InMotion Hosting accounts is provided with the clients called Squirrel Mail, RoundCube, and Horde mail. Email sent to the URL for your account is automatically set to be accessed from your provided webmail (or the email client that you setup). If you want mail from other providers to be sent to your domain's email account, then you would need to setup a forwarder at each email provider for mail to go your primary email account that uses Squirrel Mail. You will need to consult with each provider's help for more assistance with creating forwarders at those locations. If you want to forward our email, simply go to Setup an Email Forwarder. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.