Pro Package Account Questions

  • Answered
Hello, I’m searching for a hosting company and have a couple of questions about the Pro Package.

What is the PHP version that your servers run?

Do you offer ionCube PHP Loaders as part of this hosting plan?

Are CRON jobs able to be set up as part of this hosting plan?

Do you offer site stats?

Where are your servers located?

How are additional websites on the account configured? Are they added as an add on domain under a main domain account?

If I purchase with a discount with the renewals be at the same discounted rate?

Hello JThomas, Thank you for your question about our Pro Packages. Our PHP switcher tool allows you to choose the version of PHP running on your account (up to 5.5), so it is up to you. Yes, our shared hosting packages include ionCube Loader. You can setup Cron jobs in cPanel at any time. Server stats can be viewed using AWSTATS, or Logaholic. Google's Webmaster Tools is another helpful resource. We have data centers on the East and West coast, you will choose one when you sign up. There are several ways to add a domain to your account, but if you want a separate website you should add it as an Addon Domain. As far as the discounts, it will depend on the specific one you receive. So, I recommend speaking with our Sales team for in-depth pricing details. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul