Problem with Prestashop over HTTPS

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I purchase a template at and I installed the template in my godaddy VPS server, it was not that fast, then I setup an SSL for my store and enable SSL and also Increased Front Office Security, after doing that the site was super slow, like a minute to load one page so I contacted Templatemonster support, godaddy support and no one found a solution. The I desire to move to other hosting company so I register with Inmotion Hosting, now the site under HTTP is super-fast but HTTPS still slow. I contacted the new hosting company support and they said it may be an issue with PrestaShop since they ask me to use the default PrestaShop theme just to test the performance under HTTPS and the results are the same, super slow. Please I really need help with this, I love pretashop since I was in Magento before and switch to prestashop and this is the only issue with Prestashop that I have
In the Admin interface it work fine, the issue is in the store front
Thank you for your help
Note: Try my site under HTTP
Then add a product to the cart and try to checkout, you will be redirected to the HTTPS and the page will take forever to load

Please any help?
The issue appears to be an extenral location that you have defined for your fonts which is timing out. When accessing the 3rd party URL over HTTP, it appears to be responding quickly, but over HTTPS, it appears to time out. The external location that I am referring to is and is defined within the theme or another extension you may be running. I recommend taking a look through your source code and storing the font asset locally or finding another location for it.