Business pro unlimited websites how?

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Hi there, I am looking to migrate to Inmotion but actually I have a reseller account in a local business in Argentina, I am looking to cut down some costs, and instead of a reseller acct I think I might use a business pro acct, that let me have unlimited websites.
The question is, where can I get a video/tutorial or explanation about how to hosts several websites without a reseller acct? I have an idea, but I want to learn before to purchase so I can avoid some issue at migration. Most of the domains are not using email, and I have a couple of domains that use Office 365 Exchange online email.
Thank you in advance.
Hello FacuPuig,

Yes, the Pro account has been changed to allow unlimited sites on it. This is a one cPanel deal, though so all websites will be handled through a single cPanel user. There is no privacy between the sites in the cPanel so anyone with access can see all details of all the sites, emails, etc.

I do see you said that would not be an issue, however, so this may be a good move for you. As for hosting several sites on the same cPanel, there is not really any specific tutorial for that as it is the same as using cPanel in general. Your additional WordPress sites would simply live in their own addon-domain folders. This is invisible to the outside and since all WordPress installations have their own admin dashboard, there would be no crossover.

The only 'issue' I see would be if you were allowing email accounts. Those would need to be set up individually by you as the cPanel user. You would also need to handle any requests for email password changes, etc. Other than that, it is very simple and the same as running a single website, on a cPanel, just with a bit more maintenance.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M