problem redirecting nameservers from

  • Answered
when i put in the nameservers to point my blog from wordpress to inmotion, it's not working. I did it on monday night and still nothing. when i go back into to the nameserver area, it has flipped back to show only the nameserver. have you heard if there is any problem with wordpress lately with other users experiencing same thing? should i put in both the + IP address? if so, how? any spaces between? do a cut and paste of what is provided? please help, support at wordpress is not helping.

Sorry for the problem with redirecting your name servers. If you're trying to change name servers for a domain that is registered with a registrar unrelated to InMotion, then you'll need to check with them why the name servers are not being updated. Are you using a custom name server? Can you provide us with a little more info of what you changed exactly? And what interface where you making the changes in?

Please give us a little more info and we'd be happy to help.

Arnel C.