Paypal creates an account for the customer without sending password.

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I have added and configured PayPal module to Prestashop 1.5
The problem I have is, that when a customer uses "Check out with PayPal", it creates an account for them on the Prestashop. If the customer then tries to check the status of the order, they need to input a password, which they have never set up on the Prestashop (both blank and PayPal passwords don't work, guest tracking redirects to My Account logon).
Is there any way to:
1. Send the customer the created password?
2. Disable the account creation and leave the customer as Guest (it changes to Customer automatically disabling guest tracking for the user)
Thank you for any help.

When a guest shops at PrestaShop, they must either sign in as a guest or create an account to check out. Is this what you are referring to? Does this work when a customer attempts to check out without using PayPal? Does it work with all other payment choices? It would help to see your site and for you to list the steps involved. Also, when attempting to log in to their account to check on the order, does the "Forgot your password?" link work?

Kindest Regards,
Scott M