prestashop checkout not working

  • Answered
I attempted to remove the date of birth code from identity.tpl and order.opc.newaccount.tpl and it worked but after I tried to process an order to make sure the links worked, I got the white screen of death. I was able to correct it in the admin by changing the template compliation but the create new account won't work in my checkout. It keeps saying "at least one phone number is required" even though I put a number in both boxes. Apparently I messed up coding when I removed the birth date coding.
Can someone help?
Hello Christianexpressions, Sorry to hear you're having issues with the DOB being removed. However, as per the PrestaShop community (I saw your post there as well), there is a possible solution for you. The last post expresses the following: In the authenticate.tpl file (themes/yourdir/authenticate.tpl) delete lines 134 to 174. The code would then continue as follows: {*
and end
*} The poster expressed that he was able to do this and run the site with no issues. I also went to your site and saw that DOB was still there when I tested. I wasn't getting a white screen of death. Can you please try the suggested solution and then let us know if you're still having problems? Kindest regards, Arnel C.