Error 406 When I log into Wordpress

  • Answered
I get an error 406 message when I try to log into wordpress. It seems to be a problem with a plugin called membermouse as I can log in if that plugin is deactivated, but I cannot if it is active. I really need this plugin to work (I checked membermouse's support forum and it doesn't seem to be giving other users trouble) as the site is a membership site and it keeps the content locked.

I tried disabling modsec and I made some changes to my .htaccess file to try to get it to work, but to no avail. Please help! It is for a site at the address

Hello, There are some rules that still apply even when the modsec is disabled. These are high security rules that are not able to be circumvented. It is possible that the plugin is violating one of those rules. To find out specifically, you will want to contact Live Support so they can discover exactly which rule is being violated. This will determine if the plugin can be modified to not do that, if they will do so. Kindest Regards, Scott M