I can't intall ownCloud

  • Answered
I tried to install ownCloud to my server, but error occured. It says
The following errors were found :
?Required PHP version greater than equal to 5.3.3 AND found version is : 4.4.9
?Required PHP extension not found : json
?Required PHP extension not found : dom
?Required PHP extension not found : libxml
?Required PHP extension not found : SimpleXML
Does it mean that I can't install ownClound to inmotion server or can I upgrade PHP version?
Hello, Sorry you were having problems with the Owncloud install. You are currently on a older server, so you would need to request a server move, or upgrade to a VPS. Owncloud will install on our newer shared servers, but the Webdav options for Owncloud will not work unless you upgrade to a VPS/dedicated server. If you submit a support ticket to have your account moved a newer server, then you should be able to install Owncloud. Kindest regards, Arnel C.