Wordpress contact form does not send email as designed

  • Answered
Our website (www.ivbc.org) is Wordpress-driven, including JetPack. One feature of JetPack is a Contact Form which simply sends form data to an email address. We are not receiving these emails. We have tested with emails on our domain (also hosted by inmotion, ivbc.org) and outside the domain (Gmail). They are not received anywhere. I ran the "check email" plugin with Wordpress and it checks out fine. I need some help in ensuring these emails are received. I'm also hunting an answer on the Wordpress end.
Hello, Thanks for the question and sorry for the frustration with the form. I logged in with a temporary admin to check your settings and it appears that your Jetpack form was not activated. Did you turn it off? Or do you have the form in a different location than the ivbc.org website? I wanted to see your settings so that we could see what was happening. If you were not using the SMTP settings for the form, please make sure to do so - you can find those settings by using the email settings of an existing account. If you can provide us a little more information, we can investigate issue further. kindest regards, Arnel C.