How to Create a Website Backup from FTP Instead of cPanel

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I am running website e-comm and now facing some issues with developer. I have ftp link of my site but do not have access to c panel. Can i take website back up through ftp. so that i can save my site and other information like emails/customer data etc.

I am not a from a technical background so he is taking a advantage for the same.

Any help in this would be helpful.

Thanks in advance



Hello flowerncake, Thank you for your question. The answer depends how your specific website was created. If you are using a database to manage your website, then you need a copy of that as well. With most hosts, databases cannot be downloaded via ftp, unless it is backed up, or exported first. I recommend requesting a full backup of your site, and transferring to InMotion Hosting. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul