prestashop modules are not getting installed

  • Answered
I recently moved to inmotion from godaddy. I had an issue with the 'Top Menu' as some subcategories were not getting installed. I tried to refresh the module by uninstalling and installing. Now the module is uninstalled and when I am trying to install the module, I am getting an error 'this module is already installed' and the install button is still active on the module. Can someone help us out with this issue please. The version of prestashop is

Sorry to hear that you're having problems with your PrestaShop install. Can you provide a little more information on your site? We need to be able to see the problem that you're having so that we can investigate it further. Also, how did you migrate the installation from Godaddy over to InMotion? If we can get a few more details, we might be able to determine the problem you are having.

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Arnel C.