Blocked eMails from NinjaForm?

  • Answered
We are using NinjaForms, a WordPress plugin, to receive messages from our site. This form uses our host SMPT to forward the messages to us. Is it possible that inmotoin is blocking these? Is there a setting we need to edit to be able to receive these?

Thanks for the question! I'm sorry that you're having problems with NinjaForm. I actually looked at the form and loaded it myself. I double-checked your logs to make sure that nothing was being blocked. The form is NOT being blocked. I also created a test admin user in order to check out your WordPress Administrator settings for Ninja Form.

I noticed that if you go to ALL forms, you will see an option under the form called "View Submissions". All of the form submissions including my test one appear. This indicates that the form is working without any problems. I don't see that the form is forwarding anywhere.

Hope that helps to clarify the issue!
Arnel C.